The modification for the optimization of Minecraft is the OptiFine. It is the best-programmed software and the latest download Mods for gamers.

It enables the Minecraft to run faster as well as provide the best graphics with full support for HD textures and the options available for configuration.

Here are some of the features of OptiFine that you should consider. Let us have a look at these below.

Download OptiFine


Boost Frame Rate

Support for HD Texture

Support for Shaders

Dynamic Lights

Variable Render Distance

Configurable smooth lighting

Performance: VSync

Smart Advanced OpenGL

Control over fog


Anisotropic Filtering


Better Grass

Better Snow

Clear Water

Random Mobs

Linked Textures

Natural Textures

Control over frame rate

Chunk Loading Control

Details of configuration

Configuration animations

Fast Texture pack Switching

Fullscreen Resolution


  • Info about Fast Debug: it removes lagometer from debug screen
  • Debug Profiler: it removes the profiler from debugging part
  • Control on time