OptiFine Install and Configure

Let's know how to Install OptiiFine and Configure OptiFine step by step

Install OptiFine for Minecraft

It has a standalone file .jar that helps you to play Minecraft with all the advantages of OptiFine.

Head over to the installation process below.

Step 1: Download OptiFine

Check out the appropriate version of OptiFine for Minecraft under the download part.

The latest versions are also available and it is recommended to get the “Ultra” version as it has the most features.

When you get the version as you want, then click on the mirror button as given.

Step 2: Activate the installer

Tap on the installer that you want to download which will install OptiFine for Minecraft.

It will also create a profile under the Minecraft launcher called “OptiFine”.

Step 3: Start Minecraft and choose OptiFine Profile

Run MC launcher and select the OptiFine profile.

At last, you can see it works amazingly when you see the profile name in the Minecraft section.

Note: Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Minecraft. If you don’t have, then it is not possible to run the Ultra version.

Optifine settings for high Frame rate

Graphics: Fast

Render Distance: About 15

Fog: Off

The most popular edition of OptiFine is OptiFine Ultra with the most optimization and some features that can give rise to the FPS rate.

However, the OptiFine standard is more compatible with other mods.

However, OptiFine Light might be more helpful for underpowered laptops as well as notebooks but it does not have any advanced level of features and is not compatible with ModLoader and Forge.

In the case of configuration, there is no need to configure OptiFine to get a better rate of FPS as it comes with many optimizations.

Further, you can give rise to FPS by configuring the Video Settings and figuring out the trade-off between quality and performance that fits the best.

How to configure OptiFine to get the best FPS?

Here are some steps that you ought to follow to get the best FPS by configuring OptiFine.

Let us have a look at these below

1. Go to the Video Settings menu.

2. Look at the tooltip to display all settings.

3. It shows which value has a better FPS and which indicates better quality.

Reasons for getting the same or less FPS in OptiFine

Generally, OptiFine increases the FPS by 200%+ which is common and it ought to be the same as vanilla Minecraft in the worst cases.

Here are some reasons why the FPS with OptiFine may remain the same or lower than vanilla

Maybe, you enabled some high-quality settings that lead to decrease FPS such as Render Distance Extreme, Antialiasing, Anisotropic Filtering, and so on.

So, reset the default Video Settings.

Enabling of the FPS limiter in Video Settings

If you’re using an HD texture pack, then it comes with some quality features that may not be recognized by vanilla but active with OptiFine and can slow down the FPS.

Improper installation or OptiFine.

Some conflicts in MOD.