Frequently asked Questions

Questions related to OptiFine

1. Which edition of OptiFine should I get?

Different versions are available in the download section. The most popular edition is OptiFine Ultra.

It has equipped with the most optimizations as well as features that can increase the Frame rate.

This OptiFine Standard is highly compatible with other modifications. Further, the OptiFine Light is more useful for underpowered laptops as well as notebooks.

But it does not include any advanced level of features with ModLoader and Forge.

2. Is there any need to configure OptiFine to get a better Frame rate?

Generally, there is no need. OptiFine comes with many optimizations that ought to increase the FPS with no configuration at all.

Further, you can also increase the frame rate by configuring the Video Settings and finding the trade-off to work best between the quality and performance.

3. How do I configure OptiFine to get the best Frame rate?

Head to the Video Settings menu and look at the tooltip shown in each setting.

It ought to show which value to set for the best FPS and which for the better quality.

4. Why are some chunks flickering with OptiFine?

There are more chances that you have enabled “Chunk Loading: Multi-Core”, but the graphics card driver does not support it properly.

To fix the issue, you need to head to the graphics card control panel and set the “Threaded Optimization” or “OpenGL Threading” to OFF.

To get the best results, disable it globally, not only for java.exe or minecraft.exe.

5. Why am I getting the same or less frame rate with the installation of OptiFine?

Commonly, the OptiFine increases the frame rate by 200%+, and in the worst case; it ought to be alike as Vanilla Minecraft.

Many reasons are there why some the frame rate with OptiFine may remain the same or lower than vanilla.

Let us take a look at these below.

There are more chances that you have some higher quality settings enabled that decrease the frame rate, for example, Anisotropic Filtering, render distance extreme, Analtialising, and others.

To reset the same, set the Video Settings to default by tapping on Video Setting Other Reset Video Settings.

Maybe you have enabled the frame rate limiter under Video Settings.

If you’re having an HD texture pack, the probability is that it comes with some quality features that are unrecognized by Vanilla, but are active with OptiFine and cannot increase the frame rate.

To exemplify, Custom Sky, Random Mobs, Connected textures, Custom Animations, and so on.

You can turn it off under Video Settings if you do not require it.

There are some issues with the installation of OptiFine. Make sure that you have the installed the OptiFine at last, so that other modifications is overwriting the classes of OptiFine.

A few exceptions are mods that need to be installed after OptiFine.

There may be some issues related to mod and Minecraft might be reporting a lot of errors in the error log.

Check the error log of Minecraft first if this is your case.

To test perfectly, ensure that you are using identical test conditions such as the same render distance, same texture pack, same world, and so on.

If the average frame rate as reported in the debug screen is as same as vanilla, then the gameplay with Vanilla ought to feel smoother as well as more fluid.

Several options are available such as Chunk Loading, Smooth World, Smooth Frame Rate, and others that decrease the lag spikes and stabilize the frame rate.

6. Can I include OptiFine in my Modification pack?

No, unless and until you have explicit permission.

Questions on Donator Cape

1. How can I change the design of my donator cape?

You need to login to the cape change page and then choose a new design.

The cape changes page ahs a timeout of two minutes and you have to change the cape within these two minutes.

2. How much time it will take to activate the cape?

When the donation payment has done, then the cape is activated automatically.

Please note that some other payment types such as bank transfer, eCheck, and others that may take several days to finish.

Then a notification email for donation cape is received when the donation cape has activated.

3. How can I check if the cape is active or not?

First off, login to the cape change page, and then, it will show the cape change design or notification whether the cape is active or not.

Upper or lower errors in the username in the cape change page are automatically corrected.

4. I donated but didn’t receive any confirmation mail and I do not see the cape as well. What do I need to do?

The chances are more than your donation has received with no username.

You need to login to the donator login page and assign a username for the cape.

Do you get the confirmation mail but cape does not appear on the player? Please check what you need to do below.

Make sure the username is correct in uppercase or lowercase.

Ensure that OptiFine has installed correctly.

Head to Video Settings Details Show Capes is ON

Go to Multiplayer Settings Show Cape is ON

Make sure no firewall or router is blocking the OptiFine server where the cape is located.

Maybe the cape is visible only in single-player worlds. Some servers modified the player name with the addition of tags or truncating which changes the player’s identity and hence, the cape is not displayed.

5. How can I deactivate the cape temporarily?

Go to the cape change page and deactivate and reactivate the cape as you want.

6. When donating I entered the wrong username. What can I do now?

If there are some issues with the upper case or lower case of the username, then go the cape change page and fix the issues with the username.

If the username is still not corrected, then login to the donator page where you can assign a new username.